What is the difference between curly and wavy hair? Find your best fit!

by Sheneka Clark on Nov 01, 2021

What is the difference between curly and wavy hair? Find your best fit!

Calling all curly and wavy-hair women! This one’s for you. It’s time to let your hair loose and show off those amazing locks! But first, let’s talk about the difference between curly and wavy hair. You’ve probably heard terms like springy curls, loose curls and everything in between, but we’re here to set the facts straight (or curly). There are significant differences in thickness, tightness and texture between curly and wavy hair. (Say what?)

Figuring out which texture you have is all part of your natural hair journey. It might feel a bit overwhelming in the beginning but there is no need to worry. We have all the deets you need!

What’s the difference between curly and wavy textured extensions?
Let’s start with the root of all hair textures, the roots! Did you know the shape of your hair follicle determines your texture? There are three different shapes your follicles can take: round, oval and semi-oval. Straight hair has round-shaped follicles, curly has oval and wavy has semi-oval. 

Mic She Exotic Hair most distinct feature comes from the loose S-Shape in every strand. This creates a tousled look that every woman wants for an everyday look. Naturally wavy hair holds its shape without much product or heat intervention, which makes styling a breeze. Typically, wavy hair has a medium or fine texture that sits closer to the scalp which makes it the perfect candidate for that extra length and volume extensions can give.

Curly hair might be easy to spot in a crowd, this texture forms full spiral curls with the kind of volume that deserves a round of applause. But each curl is different in its own shape and pattern. Mic She Exotic Hair are very versatile and can take the shape of most curls, which makes the blending process seamless and easy. Does it get any better than that? So, whether you have bouncy ringlets or tight coils, these extensions are for you! 

Why Mic She Exotic Hair textured extensions?
Every person with curly and wavy hair has a story to tell. But most understand the struggles of trying to grow out their beautiful curls. Well, say goodbye to the awkward growth stage and say hello to curly and wavy textured extensions! Check out the benefits these extensions offer:

  • Instant length & volume! There’s no need to play the waiting game anymore when you can get the hair of your dreams in a snap. The curly and wavy textured hair extensions come in 22 inch length! 
  • Curls and waves for days! Sometimes growing out your textured locks can weigh them down, which can make your ends less springy. Extensions help hold that tightness and natural bounce while having all the length.
  • Styling is easy! Whether it’s worn up or down, you are sure to love your new length and volume with little to no hassle.